Stop gambling your child's future on a math methodology that is failing countries all around the world.

We are leading the charge in the creation of a FREE math practice program that any parent, anywhere can use. Why? Because we believe that every kid deserves a chance at learning math in a way that makes sense and isn't frustrating.

Here are a few of the ways we differ from Common Core or Discovery Math:

  • Kids should succeed at math - not cry over it

    The "New Math" is confusing and aggravating. It just doesn't make sense. This has caused many a child (and parent) to literally cry over the work. We believe in the opposite - that the work should be CLEAR, CONCISE, and build the right skills so that they can succeed doing difficult math.

  • No Calculators

    Reliance on calculators is a crutch. Students who need to use calculators for simple calculations are much slower, and have a lesser grasp of fundamental math skills than those who don't. Don't cheat your reps! Practice needs to be done without a calculator.

  • Students Who Are Actually Prepared For University

    University professors around the world agree that the New Math doesn't prepare students adequately for College level math. Our program focuses on building a solid foundation in arithmetic, fractions, and algebra - the tools that students need to attack complex problem solving and calculus later on.

  • Focused on the Right Things

    The New Math is tremendously unfocused - asking little kids to learn how to do addition 19 different ways - 18 of which are useless. We want to develop a practice program that is focused on one thing - the skills needed for university math. And we ONLY practice the 1 or 2 techniques that actually work.

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